How to Damp Proof Your Property


How to Damp Proof Your Property

December 22, 2020


What Causes Damp?

Damp can start for a variety of reasons, and even it’s frustrating to live with, it’s best to get to the bottom of it and fix the root cause than to decorate over it and ignore the problem.

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Different forms of damp can appear in your home. They are:

Penetrating Damp

Caused by water coming into the property

Rising damp

The absence – or damage – of damp course

Condensation mould

Lack of ventilation in the house

The crucial first step is to identify which type of damp you’ve got, so you can treat it effectively.

Do I Need a Damp Proof Course Certificate to Sell My House?

Damp proofing is usually done at the build stage, but it is also checked as part of the survey when buying a property. You should be supplied with a damp proof course certificate when purchasing a house, but if you’re trying to sell a property without one – or with damp damage – you’ll see a significant drop in the valuation. It’s not impossible to sell a house without a damp proof course, or the certificate, but you will likely have to lower the asking price because fixing it is expensive.

Can I Damp Proof My Property Myself?

Labourer peeling wallpaper If you’ve bought a house that didn’t have a damp proof course, it’s an old property, or you’re dealing with damage from a water leak or a flood, then you’re going to have to undertake this task, yes. There are ways to damp proof your home yourself, but it does depend on the severity of the damage as you may need to hire a professional. If you need to add a new damp-proof course, then you will almost certainly need to hire a tradesperson unless you have building skills or knowledge yourself.

How to Damp Proof a Property

It’s vital that you damp proof your property to not only make improvements to the issue itself but also to prevent damp from reoccurring in the future; if left untreated, damp can lead to structural damage of the property. Here are some things to consider if you want to dampproof your house.

Installing a Damp Proof Course

Damp proofing – or damp-proof course – is a method used when building houses to control the amount of moisture passing inside the property. This is one of the most crucial elements in a home as it not only acts as a barrier to prevent damp from entering the property, but it also fights against rising damp which can cause damage to the walls, plaster, or cause rot.

When this task is finished, be sure to obtain a certificate of the work for when you want to sell the property.

Installing bathroom and kitchen fans

This is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways you can help to fight mould in your home if the issue is ventilation. These are great in areas that have a lot of moisture in the air, so the kitchen and bathroom. As well as opening windows when you’re cooking or showering, adding a vent helps you rid of any condensation build up in the room.

Take Care of Your Property and Help to Prevent Damp Problems.

Stay on top of maintenance and regularly check your guttering to ensure it’s not blocked, causing water to build up and potentially cause damage to the house; also check water and waste pipes and blocked drains.

Even if you do have ventilation installed, be sure to regularly open windows to let fresh air in.

Fix plumbing problems as soon as they occur

Being a homeowner or landlord can be expensive, and it can be tempting to put off tasks, but you should never let a plumping issue go unseen to. It can be a short-term pay-out to prevent long-term damage and a larger bill fixing it.

From burst or leaky pipes, to mould building up on the walls, sort the problem as soon as you see it.

Insulate your property properly

Insulation being installed into wallTo prevent mould building on the walls, ensure that your property is properly insulated. Insulation helps to regulate the temperature of your house, which can fight against the growth of mould. Mould build-up is one of the most common issues for renters, but if this happens to you, get in touch with your landlord, and they should be looking at ways to fix it, including insulation, not just cleaning off and painting over the problem.

How Much Does Damp Proofing Cost in the UK?

The cost of fixing damp issues in your property is down to what type of damp you’ve got. If you’ve got very minimal damage and have caught the problem before it escalates, then you can sort this problem efficiently and cost-effectively.

However, larger damp issues or damp that has penetrated and caused structural damage can be costly to put right, costing you thousands. Which is why it can knock the value of a house down and why it’s so important to identify the problem and fix it quickly, as it will help you save lots of financial pain later down the line.

Hiring a Professional to Damp Proof Your Home

If you’re worried about damp but can’t or don’t want to take on fixing the task yourself, you can hire damp proofing specialists right here through iknowa. All tradespeople on iknowa are insured and verified, so you can rest assured that you’re getting a trusted professional to complete the job to a high standard, saving you future money, worry and stress. Browse and choose today and get started on your project quickly.

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