A Guide to Remodelling Your Bedroom


A Guide to Remodelling Your Bedroom

March 26, 2021
Large bedroom with double bed and a view of trees

When we think of redesigning space in our house, the bedroom isn’t commonly top of the list, but remodelling a bedroom can breathe a new lease of life into your home. Not to mention, if done correctly, can help you feel relaxed and contribute to better sleep.

In this guide, we will help you plan your remodel, assist with design inspiration, and cover the average costs so you can start your project on the right foot.

How to Plan a Bedroom Renovation

Like any renovation project, the bedroom needs thorough planning for all elements to be considered and executed well. Start by envisaging the end goal; what do you want your bedroom to look and feel like, and how do you want the space to work for you? When you know what you want, work backwards to plan in costs of a painter and decorator, an electrician, plasterer — any professional tradesperson to help on trickier tasks.

Drawing up Designs for your Bedroom

Modern white bedroom with double bed and black chair

Next for the bedroom renovation planning comes drawing up designs. You can either work with an architect or interior designer to help create floor plans and drawings or do a rough sketch yourself. It’s not essential to hire a professional for this, but it can help highlight finer details and explain any limitations you may run into, for example, electrical works (if you’re doing a full remodel, rather than just redecorating).

The average size of a master bedroom in the UK is 4x4m, and a lot of that space is taken up by the bed itself, so as part of the planning, you should know the functionality of your bedroom space. For example, do you need built-in storage? Storage in a bedroom is necessary but will take even more space away, so its size and positioning are something to consider in-depth.

When you know what the bigger design elements will be, you can start to look at how decorative design can help make the space look bigger and brighter.

Getting Clever with Design

Light bedroom with double bed and side table

If you’ve got a slightly smaller room, you can get smart with design to help create the illusion of a bigger space when it comes to decorating. Add mirrors on the wall opposite windows to allow natural light to bounce around the room and add larger pieces of art to create the idea of space and height.

Another way to trick the eye into thinking the space is bigger is to paint the ceiling the same colour as the walls, this draws the eye up, adding height.

Or perhaps your room is smaller, and so you’ve decided to convert a bedroom into an office space. If so, the layout would need to completely change to factor in productivity.

Prioritise the Tasks for Planning and Prep

It’s easy to get carried away when renovating your home, but with good planning comes patience. You will need to prioritise the tasks that need doing, whether that’s by which is the most urgent or what timelines your contractors are working towards. Either way, some tasks won’t be able to be started until others are finished — for example, you can’t paint the walls until the plastering is complete. So, get a good idea of the order of work tasks and then create a priority list before making a timeline.

Contractors, Tradesmen and Professional Help

Be sure that you have the right permissions for any large-scale job that require structural work. Check out our blog on permitted and non-permitted structures if you’re extending your property for extra bedrooms to know what permits and authorisation you may need.

Speak to contractors upfront to agree timelines and what work is being carried out ahead of the remodel.

How to Set a Budget for a Bedroom Renovation

Setting a budget for any project is crucial, and if you’re able to also have a contingency pot, then it’s a good idea to plan for this as problems regularly arise when remodelling, especially in older houses. But how much can you expect to pay for a full renovation of a bedroom?

How Much Does It Cost to Renovate a Bedroom in the UK?

The average cost of remodelling a bedroom varies depending on the size of the space. If you’re remodelling an existing bedroom, then with labour included, you can expect to pay up to £500 for plastering, £400 for an electrician moving or adding new plug sockets, plus the costs for paints and/or a painter and decorator to finish the room for you. All in all, we would recommend budgeting at least £1,000 for a low-key renovation of a bedroom and up to £3,000 for a full refit, including new flooring, built-in wardrobes, and electrics.

However, if you’re converting a loft space into a bedroom, then the price is going to much higher; you can read more about loft conversions in our in-depth guide.

Technology to Consider in Your Bedroom Re-Design

Ultra modern double bed with LED lights beneath it

Renovating your bedroom is the perfect time to add luxury elements into the design, as we talk about in our best technology for the home article, the use of smart devices in the home has increased with an expected 125 billion devices in use by 2030.

You can relax in bed whilst controlling the lighting, curtains, TV and much more from your smartphone. Consider which devices you want and where when you’re renovating your bedroom, as some may need specialist installation or rewiring.

Check out our article for ways you can make your house a smart home.

Changing Windows in a Bedroom Renovation

If you’re going all out and getting new windows installed as part of your bedroom renovation, then there are some steps you’ll need to take ahead of such a big change.

Get the right fit

If you’re doing a like for like swap, then you’ll likely know your measurements, but if you’re having new ones put in a new position, that will require very precise dimensions to be supplied to your window designer and fitter.

Substance over style

Windows can change the feel of a room, and whilst it can be tempting to go for a particular design, your first port of call should be whether it’s an energy-efficient window and how sturdy they are ie. would they withstand a storm?

Use proper flashing and casting

Ask your window installer to add a drip cap to avoid any potential leaks from the top of the frame and to complete the interior casting for a fully finished installation.

Go big or go home

If you’re adding in new windows or moving the position of your existing ones, you could use this opportunity to add larger windows or multiple windows to let light flood in. Master bedrooms really benefit from having multiple sources of natural light to open up the space so think of taller and wider frames.

Double bed in a bedroom and pattern wallpaper

Ensure you engage with a professional to install the windows for you.

Hiring a Professional to Help with a Bedroom Renovation

If you’re worried about undertaking some of the DIY elements yourself, or you want to hire a professional for the complete job, then there is a variety of tradespeople that you can work with, from painter and decorators, plasterers, and electricians, to carpenters and general fitters to help the process run as smoothly as possible.

Hiring a professional tradesperson has never been easier with iknowa, thanks to our hand-selected, insured and verified specialists helping to complete the job to the highest standard, saving you time and effort. Signup today.


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