Meet the Co-founders of iknowa


Meet the Co-founders of iknowa

November 4, 2021

iknowa has been changing the way tradespeople and homeowners access jobs since it started two years ago. The co-founders, Allar and Keano, still play a large role in the company to ensure their vision and customer expectations are met.

The co-founders of iknowa, Allar and Keano, smiling

Read below for more information about the co-founders and how they impact the company.

Allar Ahtmann

Allar, one of the brains behind iknowa, came up with a concept during a successful career in the construction industry. 

Liking to see things run smoothly, and after experiencing difficulties taking payments, finding reliable talent, and having the chance to fairly quote on jobs, it came as no surprise when Allar learnt that the construction industry was one of the least digitised industries. 

Allar famously says that ‘everybody tries to solve a problem, but many are not solving anything’ because there are platforms that try to solve individual issues when there are multiple issues at play. 

When he had the opportunity to pitch iknowa to our other co-founder, Keano, the platform evolved from a barebones idea to a comprehensive platform that covers quoting, project insurance, project management, secure payments and exclusive benefits for tradespeople. 

Now, two years later, Allar continues his passion for seeing things run smoothly by evolving iknowa to keep ahead of the latest trends and technologies, and by expanding the team so it’s full of fresh talent and new ideas.

Keano Chang

Keano, one of the brains behind iknowa, created a concept upon realising gaps across the service industry that, once solved, could help both consumers and professionals.

During his successful career at IBM working on AI and consumer goods, Keano was introduced to the world of construction and key issues plaguing the industry.

Upon meeting Allar, Keano was able to identify how a solution created for service professionals could be applied outside of his world of so called ‘professional services’ and be applied to greatly benefit tradespeople and the world of construction as a whole. 

Fuelled by his product development experience and desire to build products that solve problems and create value, Keano researched deeper into the construction industry to identify further gaps. After all root causes were acknowledged for the industry and the lack of technology behind it, Keano got to work creating a platform to improve this with Allar.

Keano’s knowledge of technology is built upon a solid foundation from his previous role and experience in international business management, combined with his ability to learn and adapt, with prior experience delivering solutions for this industry and field workers.

Now, as iknowa continues to grow, Keano works on all aspects of the product and company, whether it’s product development with future technologies, strategy or management. 


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