Why Seaview Holidays use iknowa


Why Seaview Holidays use iknowa

November 10, 2021

Seaview Holidays is a family run self-catering holiday village located on the isle of wight. They have a portfolio of over 40 cottages that receive thousands of guests a year. With so many visitors each year, it is vital that the ongoing maintenance of the cottages are carried out by reliable tradespeople. 

The managers at Seaview Holidays have unfortunately run into issues with cowboy builders in the past doing a bad job and leaving with their money, which is why they searched for a more reliable solution. 

After seeing how iknowa would benefit them, they were excited to signup and post their new projects through the platform. One way iknowa benefits Seaview Holidays (and all project owners) is free project insurance that’s automatically applied to every project, giving them the piece of mind that they have a ‘security blanket’ in place. 

Another way is how funds are handled through iknowa. With the money being secured in an escrow account and only released once the work is approved, they have the reassurance that builders will not run away with the funds before completing a job.  

Additionally, what attracted Seaview Holidays, like many of our project owners, is the ability to view a tradesperson’s previous work and reviews before selecting them. This gives project owners the piece of mind that they are using checked and approved tradespeople. 

Click here for more information on Seaview Holidays, and click here for more information on how iknowa benefits its members. 


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