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iknowa is a platform that connects property owners with tradespeople to create, fund, and manage building and renovation projects from start to finish.

iknowa uses a secure FCA Approved e-wallet system to ensure your funds are protected.

iknowa uses a validation system to comprehensively verify each tradesperson’s skills, qualifications, insurance, DBS records, knowledge, previous experience, and portfolio.

You can delete your account within the general settings page or by contacting

You can change your contact details by going to settings – personal details.

All data is safely stored and encrypted in accordance with GDPR Regulations.

Property Owner

At present, we are in a closed beta, and therefore the platform is invite only. However, you can signup the newsletter, so you know when we are live.

After you’ve signed up and logged in, you will be navigated to your iknowa dashboard. From there, you can start a new project.

Don’t worry if you aren’t sure about all the details of your project. Please provide as much information as you can, including as many videos and images as possible. This way, tradespeople can then advise you and ask further questions when they submit their proposal.

We suggest considering the following factors:

  1. Tradesperson’s portfolio – Have a look at the tradesperson’s portfolio to see their previous work. This will give you an idea if their style and quality meet’s your needs.

  2. Tradesperson’s feedback – Read what others have said about the quality of the tradesperson’s work. 

  3. Quality of quote – Look into how detailed the tradesperson’s quote is and if they have comprehensively outlined the stages and work to be completed.

  4. Price – Consider the tradesperson that provides you with the best value. 

A proposal provides you with the following information:

  1. Introduction.

  2. Start date.

  3. Weekend availability.

  4. Stages and tasks performed within the project.

  5. Overall proposal price. The proposal price could change if the tradesperson gains further information about the project or the scope of work changes.

All projects are displayed on your dashboard under the projects tab.

iknowa continuously monitors and tracks all projects from start to finish to make sure you’re protected and your project is a success.


Please follow the registration process, which will support you in signing up and providing the necessary information such as:

  • Skills

  • Qualifications

  • ID

  • Insurance

  • Prior experience and work

  • Create your portfolio

The signup process will indicate which skills require a qualification or accreditation and which don’t. If you think there is a mistake or your case is unique, please contact, and we will help!

Please contact, and we will discuss adding your skill to the available options.

The quality of your profile directly relates to the number of projects you will win. Below are some ways you can improve your profile:

  • Add a profile picture

  • Add a description of yourself and your experience

  • Add images and videos of your previous work into your portfolio

Below are some methods to increase the likelihood of winning a project:

  • Improve your profile by adding a picture, description, and images of your previous work. 

  • Provide a personalised message at the start of your profile about your relevant experience 

  • Create comprehensive project statements and provide detail of what will happen at each stage. This will allow property owners to understand the quality of your work and exactly how their project will progress.

  • Provide equal payment milestones so property owners can pay for the work over a set period.

If you have a question that you can’t find in the FAQ, please feel free to contact

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